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Access Control

Biometric Time & Attendance / Access Control Systems Oman

Access control systems offer the ability to manage entry to a building, enabling control over who has access and when. Additionally, our solutions provide added benefits, such as preventing the challenges associated with lost or stolen keys. With our access control system Oman, personnel can easily gain entry to the office without having to wait for the keyholder, streamlining the entry process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Access control systems are designed to authorize entry for various personnel, including employees, executives, visitors, and independent contractors, into buildings such as offices or facilities. These systems provide a secure and convenient way to regulate entry and offer a higher level of control compared to open access. By utilizing access control system in Muscat, organizations can enhance their security measures, improve convenience, and maintain a safe working environment.

At Wide Solutions, we understand the various security risks and tactics used to bypass inferior access control and security systems. Therefore, we offer top-notch installation and upkeep services for access control and CCTV systems to ensure optimal performance and protection. If you are in search of reliable access control system solutions Oman, look no further than our expert team at Wide Solutions.

Why Your Business Needs Access Control System?

Do you believe that your company is too tiny for access control systems? To be fair, security is a concern for businesses of all sizes. Controlling access to specific areas of facilities is advantageous to all businesses, even tiny ones. These solutions can help your company, from safeguarding your assets to fostering a sense of security among your staff.

Here are the top 5 benefits of access control system.

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Reduce the threat of theft

Working with physical inventory makes your company a target for theft. Even technology and office supplies could be targeted for theft. With access control system, it will be far more difficult for items to disappear from your organization. People who don’t work in your firm will
not have any access to steal any items.
Moreover, if it's an inside job, you can find out who did it thanks to a record of who entered inventory storage areas at specific times. This way you can restrict the access to areas with expensive items to reduce the likelihood of some employees stealing. Wide Solutions provide access control system in Muscat from the best brands at an affordable price.

Protect your staff

You staff will be safer because an access control system allows them to enter the building swiftly. They don't need to fumble around outside for a key or struggle to insert them in the lock. They can enter the building easily and reduce the chance of an attack by swiping a card or
using biometrics.
Employees feel safer once inside the building because only those with the proper authorization are allowed in. They may operate in peace knowing they are safe from threats from the outside. This might be especially reassuring for staff who work late or night shifts.

Limit Access to Specific Places

If you work with sensitive information or value items or do dangerous activities, you might want to restrict access to some areas. Not all workforce need access to the manufacturing facilities that use harmful machinery or chemicals. Access control system
enables programming to restrict each employee's access to specific areas. By doing this, everyone is kept out of areas they don't need to enter and will have only access to the necessary areas. Whenever clients enter your building, you might also want to designate some areas as employee-only. Customers or other outsiders can readily enter offices, labs, storage areas, and manufacturing locations without being seen if access to those places was not controlled. Wide Solutions offers you customized access control system in Muscat and all the areas in Oman at a competitive price.

Keep a Log of Your Activities

It's difficult to keep track of who enters and goes, even in a small business. Every person who enters and leaves a door that is equipped with an access control system is recorded. This record is useful for monitoring staff activity and attendance. You can check to see if staff are working when and where
they are supposed to. If there is an event, such as theft or property damage, you can check the log to discover who was present when it occurred. Get the best access control system in Oman who can help you control the entry of strangers, certain staff and clients.

Provide Remote Access

Remote access authorization offers an additional security benefit. This way, if a contractor or repairman needs to perform any work when you are not in office, this feature might be useful. Instead of making a trip to the office, you can remotely allow the person entry to the building. Wide Solutions

is one of the top companies that offer access control system in Muscat. Feel free to call us if you have any queries.

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Wide Solutions also provide technical support if you are located anywhere in Oman or the world and need our assistance. Some of our services include:

Why choose us?

Here are some of the reasons why we are the top Access Control System in Oman.


Customer service - We provide exceptional client service prior to, during, and following installation. For instance, we will visit your site and offer you tips on picking the right area to have access control system. We will also make sure that your unique demands and preferences are satisfied in a way that is functional, efficient, and visually pleasing.


Maintenance service - Using our systematic maintenance service, your automated security system will continue to give you an excellent ROI on an "ongoing" basis. We will also help you with any repair or maintenance service you need with your access control system.


Skilled expertise - there is a reason why we are the best access control system in Oman and that would be our workforce. We carefully select our team who are passionate about their job and deliver amazing results. This is what makes us well-respected and well-established among our clients because we never compromise on the quality of our installations.


Value for money - Security systems from Wide Solutions are dependable, economical, tailored to our customers' unique demands, and backed by a business that values quality, safety, and customer service. All products come with a full manufacturer's guarantee, and we strive to ship orders within 5 days of receiving them.

Feel free to call us at + 968 92882029.

Want to know more?

// frequently asked questions


What is an access control system, and why is it important for businesses in Oman?

An access control system is a security solution that regulates and manages entry to physical spaces within a building or facility. It provides authorized individuals with controlled access while restricting unauthorized entry. Implementing an access control system is crucial for businesses in Oman as it enhances security, safeguards valuable assets, protects sensitive information, and ensures the safety of employees and visitors. It offers an effective means of controlling access to specific areas, preventing unauthorized access, and maintaining a secure environment. If you are looking for services that provide an access control system service provider in Oman, then we are there for you.

What services does Wide Solutions Hub provide for access control systems in Oman?

Wide Solutions Hub provides a comprehensive range of services for access control systems in Muscat, Oman. Our services include system design and consultation, installation, configuration, integration with other security systems, such as CCTV and alarms, ongoing maintenance, and support. We work closely with our clients to understand their security requirements and provide customized access control solutions that meet their specific needs.

What are the benefits of implementing an access control system for my business in Oman?

Implementing an access control system for your business in Oman offers several benefits. It enhances security by controlling and monitoring access to sensitive areas, preventing unauthorized entry, and deterring potential threats. It improves operational efficiency by streamlining access management, eliminating the need for physical keys, and providing detailed access logs for auditing purposes. Additionally, an access control system enables you to grant and revoke access privileges easily, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas.

Can Wide Solutions Hub integrate an access control system with existing security infrastructure?

Yes, we have the expertise to integrate an access control system seamlessly with existing security infrastructure. Whether you have CCTV cameras, alarms, or other security systems in place, we can design and implement an integrated solution that consolidates and enhances your security measures. The integration enables a comprehensive approach to security, providing a unified system for monitoring and managing access control alongside other security components.

What types of access control technologies does Wide Solutions Hub offer?

Wide Solutions Hub offers a wide range of access control technologies to cater to diverse security needs in Oman. Our offerings include proximity card readers, biometric systems (fingerprint, facial recognition), keypad or PIN-based access control, smart card systems, and mobile-based access solutions. We assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable access control technologies that align with your security objectives and budget.

Does Wide Solutions Hub provide access control system customization options?

Yes. At Wide Solutions Hub, we understand that each business has unique security requirements. We provide access control system customization options to tailor the solution to your specific needs. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your access control objectives, facility layout, and security protocols. Based on this information, we design and implement a customized access control system that fits your business environment and aligns with your security policies.

If you have any other questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us. Wide Solutions Hub is committed to providing reliable and advanced access control system solutions to enhance security for businesses in Oman, specifically in Muscat.