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PABX System

PABX Telephone System In Oman

A hosted PBX is a cloud-based system that makes it simple to communicate such as answer calls when you’re on the go. It also makes it simple to locate staff members who may be at different offices, out on the road, or in the warehouse while functioning efficiently as a whole in a working environment. This way the need for an on-site phone system box is no longer necessary. If you are looking for PABX system in Oman, then we are here to serve you.

Wide Solutions provide you PBX solutions for both small to medium sized enterprises. With the help of our PBX-hosted phone system, you can have a premium professional voice that is easy to use and offers cutting-edge phone and calling features.

We can assist you whether you want to switch VoIP providers because of poor service or if you want to switch to a hosted business VoIP system. Our experts at Wide Solutions will work with you to build and deploy a single unified telephone system that solves the particular demands of your organization. We provide PABX systems in Oman that are among the best in the business to a wide range of end customers.

How does EAS system work?

Link your corporate headquarters, regional branches, all departments, resident and non-resident employees, and independent contractors to the same network for:

Benefits of our PABX system

With EAS you can avoid shoplifting. The antenna typically forms an invisible security door at the store’s entry and exit. You can attach security tags to the products. At the checkout, either a hard tag or a soft label could be removed easily or deactivated. The antenna sends out an alarm when an object with an active tag passes across it.

All the features and capabilities your company might require are included in hosted PBX. Simply select the features that are most appropriate for your company and turn them on or off as needed.

When your company expands, you can quickly boost your PBX system by adding extensions. Once you are all set to grow, our staff will quickly provide and install your service so you can start using it right away.

Use our customized program to place and receive calls on various gadgets, including a laptop or smartphone. Our Hosted PBX offers the utmost in versatility, whether you are at the office or working remotely.

Why choose us?

Wide Solutions provides PABX system in Oman for all types of businesses. If you require a customized PABX solution, we can assist you. Having said that, a few of the reasons why we are the greatest at what we do are stated below.

Quality – We never compromise on the quality of our products as we constantly change and adapt to give consumers the finest possible service.


Reliability – We go above and beyond to give our clients excellent products and services, and we work just as hard to ensure they receive the ones that best suit their requirements.


Efficiency –Our sales and support team members have received comprehensive training to enable them to offer you the highest calibre of service.


Variety – You have a non-exhaustive list of options to pick from thanks to the wide selection of goods we sell.


Cost - We are able to give you the best costs by forming partnerships with numerous technology vendors.

Feel free to call us at + 968 9288 2029.

Need to know more?

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Can Wide Solutions Hub handle the installation and configuration of PABX systems for businesses in Oman?

Yes. Wide Solutions Hub specializes in the installation and configuration of PABX systems in Oman. Our experienced technicians have the expertise and knowledge to handle the entire process, from system design to installation, configuration, and testing. We ensure that the PABX system is properly set up and optimized to meet the communication needs of your organization.

How does a PABX system improve communication within an organization in Oman?

A PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) system improves communication within an organization in Oman by providing advanced call management features. It allows for efficient internal communication, enabling extension-to-extension calling, call forwarding, call transferring, and conference calling. PABX systems also facilitate external communication by enabling connectivity with external phone lines, ensuring seamless inbound and outbound calls. By streamlining communication processes, a PABX system enhances productivity, collaboration, and customer service within the organization.

Does Wide Solutions Hub provide both traditional and IP-based PABX solutions?

Yes, Wide Solutions Hub provides both traditional and IP-based PABX systems in Oman. We are aware that different industries have various infrastructure and communication needs. We provide both conventional PABX solutions that make use of conventional telephone technology and cutting-edge IP-based PABX solutions that do the same. Our team evaluates your unique requirements and suggests the best PABX solution that complies with them.

Are the PABX systems offered by Wide Solutions Hub scalable to accommodate the size and growth of businesses in Oman?

Yes. The PABX systems offered by Wide Solutions Hub are scalable to accommodate the size and growth of businesses in Oman. We understand that businesses evolve and expand over time. Our PABX solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing for easy additions or modifications to support the growing communication needs of your organization. Whether you have a small office or a large enterprise, our PABX systems can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Can Wide Solutions Hub integrate PABX systems with other communication and collaboration tools?

Yes. Wide Solutions Hub has the expertise to integrate PABX systems in Oman with other communication and collaboration tools. We understand the importance of seamless communication and collaboration across various platforms. Our team can integrate PABX systems with VoIP solutions, unified communication systems, CRM software, and other collaboration tools, ensuring that your organization benefits from a unified and efficient communication ecosystem.

Does Wide Solutions Hub offer training and support services for businesses using their PABX systems?

Yes, Wide Solutions Hub offers comprehensive training and support services for businesses using their PABX systems in Oman. We are aware of how crucial proper instruction is to maximizing the advantages of the PABX system. To guarantee that your personnel is familiar with the system's features and functionalities, our team offers training sessions. In order to ensure continuous communication, we also provide ongoing support services to resolve any inquiries, problems, or improvements linked to your PABX system.

How can I request a consultation with Wide Solutions Hub for a PABX system in Oman?

Requesting a consultation with Wide Solutions Hub for a PABX system in Oman is easy. You can get in touch with us by using our website or contacting a member of our devoted team personally. We would be pleased to set up a session to go through your communication needs, evaluate your company's demands, and offer you specialized advice and solutions. Your need for efficient communication will be addressed as a result of the guidance provided by our knowledgeable staff throughout the process.

If you have any other questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us. Wide Solutions Hub is committed to delivering reliable and customized PABX system services to businesses in Oman.