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Barcode Coding Solutions

Get the Best Barcode Services In Oman

Wide solutions provide you with the best Barcode services in Oman to sell their products easily. Our barcodes are distinctive and come with a guarantee. So, go ahead and buy as many barcodes as you need.

What we offer

Barcode Numbers – Buy a globally unique EAN13 barcode number for your goods. You get Complimentary electronic barcode images in TIF and EPS files together with our team’s professional guidance when you use your issued number!

Barcode labels – Whether you need printed labels or blank ones, we are happy to include your company name or logo on the labels if they are printed.
Barcode Images – Do you require a TUN Shipper Barcode but already have an EAN13 barcode? What if you need a picture for an ISBN or ISSN number? Don’t worry, we can produce high-quality barcode pictures that adhere to your exact specifications. If you are looking for Barcode solutions in Oman, then we are there for you.

Apart from barcode solutions, we also offer barcode products such as:

Barcode printers – We have every barcode solution to meet your needs. For instance, if you require a thermal barcode printer for temporary labelling or a thermal transfer barcode printer for permanent labelling, we are there for you.

Barcode scanners – We provide our customers with the most dependable, highly rated, and top brands of scanners in each category. Wide Solutions can offer you with whatever type of scanner you need. This includes corded, cordless, 2D, omni, portable, and PDA models.

Barcode software – Barcode software serves as the base for proper data management. This is to track your product easily. We can build your software to handle the check-in-out, inventory, and asset-related tasks effectively.

Benefits of barcode system

Barcodes are frequently disregarded as a way to save money and time. Barcodes are a trustworthy and cost-effective option for companies trying to increase productivity and lower overhead. There are many providers like Wide Solutions who deliver Barcode solutions in Oman at an affordable price.
  • Barcode systems reduces staff training sessions. The handheld scanner used for reading barcodes can be mastered in a matter of minutes. Moreover, staff members are not required to become familiar with an exhaustive pricing or inventory process. Since they do not need to be paid for additional training time and another employee does not need to be hired to train them, this also lowers the cost of employee training.
  • Human error is never an issue thanks to barcodes. Compared to barcodes, manually entered data has a far higher rate of inaccuracy. When compared to manually entering data, a barcode scan is incredibly quick and reliable.
  • The cost of designing and printing barcodes is minimal. Regardless of their function or the location where they will be attached, they often just cost pennies. They come in a variety of finishes and materials and can be economically customised.
  • Inventory management becomes better. Inventory levels can be decreased since barcodes allow for such exact tracking of inventory. This results in a lower overhead. The time spent looking for lost equipment and the cost of replacing it can both be reduced by tracking its position.
  • Barcodes helps you in making better decisions. Making more informed decisions is feasible because to the quick and precise data collection. Making better decisions ultimately results in time and cost savings.

Why choose us?

Wide Solutions offers Barcode solutions in Oman to all business types. We can help you if you need a personalized Barcode system. Having said that, listed below are a few reasons why we are the best in what we do.


Simple and easy – Creating and printing personalised labels, barcodes, envelopes, badges, cards, and letters is simple and only requires three steps!


QR Code generator – You may create, print, and export QR Codes as JPG or PDF using the built-in generator for QR codes.


User-friendly interface – Easy to use interface makes label creation quick and simple. Elements for the paper and labels are seen on the screen precisely as they will be printed.


Barcode generator – Several forms of barcodes are produced using barcode generators, including Code 39, Ean13, Ean8, Ean128, ITF14, UPC, Interleaved 2/5, and many others.


High resolution clip arts –You may make and customise fantastic label items using the 4.500 high resolution clip arts that are already installed and organised.

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// frequently asked questions


What barcode coding solutions does Wide Solutions Hub offer in Oman?

Wide Solutions Hub offers a comprehensive range of the best barcode services in Oman. Our services include barcode system design, barcode generation, barcode printing, label design, scanning devices, barcode software implementation, and integration. We provide efficient and accurate barcode solutions that enable businesses to streamline inventory management, enhance product tracking, improve operational efficiency, and optimize supply chain processes.

Why are barcode services important for businesses in Oman?

Barcode services are vital for businesses in Oman for several reasons. Firstly, barcodes enable efficient and accurate tracking of inventory, reducing manual errors and improving data accuracy. They streamline processes such as inventory management, stocktaking, and order fulfilment. Barcodes also enhance product traceability, enabling businesses to track items from manufacturing to delivery. Moreover, barcode services in Oman enhance customer service by facilitating faster checkouts and improving the overall customer experience.

Can Wide Solutions Hub provide barcode solutions for businesses of all sizes?
Yes. Wide Solutions Hub can provide barcode solutions for businesses of all sizes in Oman. We have the knowledge and resources to provide barcode solutions that are suited to your particular requirements, whether you are a small retail store, a medium-sized warehouse, or a major distribution center. Our scalable solutions allow us to serve companies of any size, whether they have a small number of items or a large number of stocks.
What industries can benefit from Wide Solutions Hub's barcode coding services in Oman?

We at Wide Solutions Hub provide the best barcode services in Oman that can benefit a wide range of industries. Our barcode solutions have a big impact on a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, warehousing, transportation, and more. These sectors can boost production, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve inventory accuracy by deploying barcoding systems. They can also learn important information about how their supply chains work.

Are the barcode solutions provided by Wide Solutions Hub customizable to meet specific business needs?

Yes, the barcode solutions provided by Wide Solutions Hub are highly customizable to meet specific business needs. We recognize that every company has particular needs and workflows. To assess our clients' business procedures, comprehend their goals, and create barcode solutions that meet their particular requirements, our skilled staff collaborates directly with them. We provide customization possibilities to ensure that the barcode system fits seamlessly with your current operations and increases productivity.

Can Wide Solutions Hub assist with barcode system integration with existing inventory or management systems?

Yes. We have the skill and experience to assist with barcode system integration with existing inventory or management systems. We understand the importance of seamless data flow and operational efficiency. Our team possesses the technical knowledge and experience to integrate barcode systems with your existing inventory or management systems. This integration ensures accurate and real-time data synchronization, improving inventory management and overall business efficiency.

Does Wide Solutions Hub offer different types of barcode technologies, such as QR codes or UPC codes?

Yes, Wide Solutions Hub provides a variety of barcode technologies to cater to various business demands of Oman. Popular barcode formats including QR codes, UPC codes, and other widely used barcode symbols are all included in our solutions. Based on your unique needs and applications, we can assist you in choosing the best barcode technology. Whether you require UPC codes for product identification or QR codes for marketing purposes, we have the knowledge to produce the barcode solutions that are most appropriate for your company's needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional queries or need more information. Wide Solutions Hub is dedicated to giving businesses in Oman dependable and tailored barcode services.